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Open Source OpenVPN Client

Free and open source cross platform OpenVPN client

Simple OpenVPN Client

Connect to OpenVPN servers with a free, open source and secure client. Additional integration available when connecting to a Pritunl server.

Open Source

All source code for Pritunl is publicly available on GitHub. To allow anyone to evaluate Pritunl to ensure that it is secure.

Viscosity Alternative

Free and open source alternative to Viscosity. No registration or credit card necessary.

Easy Configuration

Easily add OpenVPN profiles by importing the configuration or by using the URI available with Pritunl servers.


Arch Linux

CentOS 8

Amazon Linux 2

Debian Buster

Oracle Linux 8

Fedora 33

Ubuntu Bionic

Ubuntu Focal

Ubuntu Groovy

macOS Intel

version: v1.2.2631.70
SHA-256 Checksum
Download Intel Pkg

macOS Apple Silicon

version: v1.2.2631.70
SHA-256 Checksum
Download ARM Pkg


version: v1.2.2631.70
SHA-256 Checksum
Download Installer

macOS 10

version: v1.2.2615.73
SHA-256 Checksum
Download 10 Pkg